The Research Network of Singlehood Studies seeks to foster an intersectional approach to the study of singlehood and advance scholarship that expands the study of singlehood to cover the lived experiences of various groups of people. The network is founded on the need to establish a common discussion forum for those scholars scattered in different higher education institutions who are conducting research on singlehood or related topics. The network brings together scholars from different fields, including social sciences, humanities, law and health sciences, to explore singlehood.

The number of people living without a partner is growing in Finland, in Europe, and globally. Despite this shift, there is a paucity of research on singlehood. Even though the increase in the amount of singles is reshaping institutions and producing alternative intimacies, the demographic change has not disrupted the tenacity of the couple norm to a significant degree. Singlehood is also a considerable social phenomenon that cuts across various contemporary entanglements, from living alone to the use of dating apps and from single parenting to various legislative processes.

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